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  1. Are you managing your benefits or are they managing you?
  2. Do your employees consider your employee benefits package an entitlement or a benefit?
  3. Do you feel that your current benefits broker is truly "watching your back"?
  • It is imperative that we understand your unique business and design customized programs that best match your workforce, culture and financial objectives.
  • We consistently adapt our priorities to your corporate priorities.
  • We will conduct employee surveys, interpret the responses, and then discuss the results.
  • Provide industry & regional benchmarking information.
  • Participate in your contribution strategy discussions.
  • We will continue to provide financial projections to help in your budget process.
  • Ongoing stewardship meetings to assess plan performance and to discuss current and future strategies.
  • Access the marketplace for new and replacement products that will reduce your cost and/or improve service.
  • Manage the implementation of new programs.
  • Negotiate renewals very aggressively.
  • Perform network analysis so your employees can have the best access to the highest quality healthcare providers.
  • We will provide compliance training and support.
  • We will assist your human resources department with legal interpretations of issues and questions that arise.
  • Review all of your contracts, certificates and summary plan documents for compliance and overall accuracy.
  • Review eligibility and termination provisions to limit your company's liability.
  • We want to partner with you in the development of ongoing and meaningful employee communication campaigns. In addition to the annual open enrollment meetings, we expand education and communication via payroll stuffers, posters, intranet, inter - office memorandums, smaller group and/or one-on-one meetings, etc.
  • Keep you informed of new products and services, industry trends and legislative issues.
  • Facilitate and actively participate in employee meetings as well as insurance committee meetings, if any.
  • Handle and resolve "day-to-day" issues, questions and concerns. This includes IMMEDIATE intervention for those very "hot" issues that arise.
  • We help streamline your benefit administrative processes using the latest technology that is now available in our industry. This will save enormous amounts of time and dramatically reduce errors which will result in significant financial savings.
  • Provide Schedule A (Form 5500) data.
  • Coordinate and participate in health benefit fairs.
  • Train and enhance your benefit administrator's knowledge of the in-force programs so they can become a more confident liaison to your employees.
  • You will not find a stronger advocate working for you to insure that your benefit providers continue to deliver the highest quality service to you and your enrolled members.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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